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      + an event venue
​Classes, coaching + celebrations - yours and ours! Not only will Flourish feature regular lifestyle + personal growth events, we offer fully customized event hosting; ranging from all-inclusive packages to simple room rental.

     + corporate meetings + executive retreats
Flourish Corporate offers a unique combination of the professionalism + decorum you've come to expect as a leader, in a space that's not only well-appointed, but designed to promote creativity + comfort. 
     + a self-care collective (with suites available!)
We have four suites currently available for self-care + beauty professionals to grow their businesses beginning September 1st. Joint marketing efforts, all-inclusive lease terms + a limited competition environment make us a great choice. (Pssst, if you hurry, you may still chime in on your suite design!

     + a place for women
From aspiring entrepreneurs to women in search of their tribe, to survivors of violence; ready to step into their power; Flourish offers women ongoing opportunities to improve their lives through our co-working spaces, health & beauty services, memberships, networking, coaching, education + advocacy work. 
Flourish is a place where women can come to find each other, to find themselves and as we like to say here, to 'find their bloom'.

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