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Hi, I'm Shelli :)

Besides being the owner + creator of Flourish, I’m an author, advocate, speaker, coach and executive assistant. I'm a native of southeast Wisconsin + a future snowbird. A resale shopper extraordinaire, seer of potential + visionary upcycler'. Fashionista, sport bike rider, believer-in-magic, lover all things lakelife, Halloween queen and mom to a fantastic young man + the most adorable 'fox who identifies as a dog', ever.

Ask me about my amazing 23&me story. 

Pretty amazing story behind Flourish, too – I woke up one day + realized I'd created a life I once dreamed of, and I should help other women do the same for themselves.


That’s when the Universe presented to me this most amazing gift: a building-turned-backdrop-for-growth, and an understanding of how it all fits together.

I can't wait to share it with you. 


shelli manning

owner & creator
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