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Outdoor Wedding Decorations
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- Release Your Inner Couture Witch -
What do you get when you mix Glinda the Good Witch
& Practical Magic
& The Devil Wears Prada?
Shiloh Shiver_words_rose gold.png
A woman on a mission to Empower and Inspire Magic,  teaching others to craft their OWN most magical lives, & doing it all with High Style & Witchy Flair
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Witch Class

Now Booking

Join Shiloh and crew this fall, for hands-on, high-spirited, themed empowerment events; held at beautifully appointed venues


Witch Class

We'll 'cast spells', we'll talk moon phases & the secret magical way to get hubs to pick up his dirty socks...

(Well, we'll cast spells and talk about moon phases anyway.) 

You'll love the unique photo opportunities on our 'witch's parlor' themed set, custom, on-brand cocktails & beautiful, themed favors to take home. 

All the while, we'll dish on fun & easy ways to begin manifesting your best & most magical life and embrace your inner witch*.


(*All in a safe, wholesome, non-religious way... all faiths are welcome!) a beautiful evening filled with laughter, light and celebrating womanhood in all her forms

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Dress to Impress

You know the all-black outfit that makes you feel ah-MA-zing?


(Yes, THAT one...) wear it!! 

Glam Up! Then pair with props for post-show photos you'll LOVE looking back at!  

(Bonus, you'll spend the evening feeling b-e-a-utiful!)


PERFECT for Girls Night Out, Birthday & Bachelorette Parties or just a night out filled with fun and inspiration! 

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